Getting to Know the Guests from Season 1

Looking back on Season 1, it's safe to say that our most impactful moments stemmed from our special guest features. That's why - as we look forward to Season 2 - we're taking this opportunity to reintroduce our 11 Featured Guests from Season 1. We hope you take the time to hear them out and join us in reflecting on the perspectives they shared to get you fired up to win the week.

If you'd like to read along while you listen to a particular guest's episode or quote an excerpt of their episode, just click the episode link below the guest's bio to view the full transcript on the guest's Episode Page. Enjoy!


Richard Carthon

Founder, Carthon Enterprises & Crescent City Capital

Richard Carthon of Carthon Enterprises is a former Dual-Sport D1 Athlete whose work ethic has transformed into an all-out effort for disrupting the status quo. Richard is an entrepreneur and a revenue enhancement specialist whose experience spans Startup Operations, App Development, Fundraising, and Fintech.

His podcast and newsletter – Crypto Current – gives listeners access to expert insights and current events in the fast-paced world of Fintech. Richard has even gone on to launch a cryptocurrency investment fund for pre-qualified investors called Crescent City Capital.


Mari Tautimes

Co-CEO, Western Asset Protection

Mari Tautimes, the Co-CEO of Western Asset Protection. WAP is a family-owned Medicare FMO Agency that has become one of the leading brokerage firms in the Southwest.

Mari is an operational innovation mastermind. Over the years, her passion for helping others and solving problems have driven her to lead process optimization and automation efforts at WAP. In business and beyond, she continues to seek perspective and inspiration in a quest to live her best life.

But her beginnings are unlike most CEOs. At 15 Years of Age, Mari became a teen mom and later dropped out of high school to get a job. She had to fight every step of the way to rise above poverty, but she’s always managed to get back up after she’s been knocked down. Today, Mari is a proud mother and grandmother, who’s fired up about learning more and helping others.

Mari guides her decisions by what she calls the “Feel Good Metric,” which is based on her belief that your success is linked to how you make the people around you feel. Success by this measure transforms the people you serve from customers into Raving Fans.


Tisha Marie Pelletier

President, Tisha Marie Enterprises

Tisha Marie Pelletier took her entrepreneurial leap in 2004, and she’s since run four different businesses, planned hundreds of events and facilitated over 300 masterminds. Now – as the President of Tisha Marie Enterprises – she’s in the business of empowering entrepreneurs.

As a mentor, she works with students at the ASU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department and she runs the Startup Entrepreneur Academy – an online course for up-and-coming entrepreneurs which incorporates one-on-one mentoring sessions to hold them accountable.

As a relationship builder, she’s the host of Social Connect - a quarterly Business Happy Hour which she designed to help people build more meaningful relationships without the excessive use of business cards or pitching sales.

When she’s not making connections or mentoring, Tisha’s either working on her next book, recording episodes of her Success Over Struggle Podcast, or she’s onstage as an inspirational speaker.

Mai Ling Chan headshot

Mai Ling Chan

Founder & CEO, Xceptional Education

Mai Ling Chan is a highly networked speech pathologist who understands the value of building meaningful relationships with people who make a difference in the world. She is 100% dedicated to supporting people with special needs by connecting amazing thought leaders in special education and rehabilitation with people who want to learn from them on a global level. All told, she’s an expert in language and communication across the lifespan who has a remarkable aptitude for disability-focused business.

As CEO and co-founder of XceptionalEd, Mai Ling contributes her personal expertise in exceptional services, technology, and business management to an international community focused on helping more people with disabilities. While her podcast – Xceptional Leaders – shares priceless tips and first-hand stories from successful entrepreneurs and other amazing people who focus their efforts on helping people with disabilities.

Josh Schneider Headshot #3

Josh Schneider

Founder, The Millenial & Employee Engagement Institute

Josh Schneider coaches organizations and individuals to increase performance, energy, and happiness. His book, Generation NEXTLEVEL, calls on the next generation of leaders to play to their strengths and do work that matters.

To increase the impact of his work, Josh founded The Millennial & Employee Engagement Institute to curate and develop research to help unlock people’s performance and encourage businesses to transfer leadership to the next generation. Josh truly understands the future of the workforce and how to engage it.

He’s been featured on Under30CEO and the CEOhour, bringing a passion that is contagious, an energy that’s undeniable, and innovative ideas that work in our evolving business climate.


Tami Nealy

VP of Communications & Public Relations, Find Your Influence

Tami Nealy began her career working in pro sports before transitioning to the corporate world. During her seven years leading corporate communications at LifeLock, she served as a spokesperson, launched a partnership with the FBI’s Law Enforcement Education Association, and helped lead the company to its IPO before she pivoted to education tech.

Today, Tami is part of the leadership team at Find Your Influence, serving as VP of Communications. Find Your Influence is an influencer marketing platform that pairs brands with content creators, serving a network reaching more than 100,000 influencers. Tami is responsible for all internal and external communication strategies and developing their corporate messaging.

She thrives in an environment of controlled chaos and is widely recognized for her proven track record in branding, crisis communication, and lead generation.


Michael R. Hunter

Co-Founder, & Spiffy

Michael R. Hunter started his first business at 17 and has since developed an eye for identifying trends and a passion for helping other entrepreneurs to identify their best ideas. Today, he’s the co-founder of and Spiffy.

Michael and his business partner – Jeremy Abraham – built into one of the most in-demand agencies in their field; having worked with some of the world's biggest personal brands – including Brendon BurchardLarry KingHarvey Mackay and even Oprah.

Michael and Jeremy started Spiffy as a side-hustle, to get out of the grind of stressful client-work. They envisioned creating a checkout page software that would make it easy to accept online payments for digital products and services, and that’s exactly what they did. Working part-time with just a $5,000 initial investment, they bootstrapped their startup to a million dollars in total revenue, with almost no marketing. Since their launch, Spiffy customers have generated over $400M in total sales. Today, Michael and Jeremy continue to improve and grow Spiffy, while consulting with an exclusive group of high-profile, Personal Brand clients each year.

Mike Profile

Mike Spangenberg

Co-Founder, State Forty Eight

Mike Spangenberg - the cofounder of apparel brand State Forty-Eight - has experienced the amazing impact that loyalty can have when building a brand.

Mike's greatest ambition is to make a difference in the world by giving back and being a part of improving the community he grew up in. Through State Forty-Eight’s collaborations with local charities and organizations, he’s been able to bring that dream to life.

Mike started State Forty-Eight with his friends Stephen and Nicholas out of a shared passion for the great state of Arizona. More than just apparel, State Forty-Eight represents a lifestyle, a sense of community and an expression of pride. Above all else, State Forty-Eight is about redefining the status-quo by inspiring others to stand for their beliefs, proclaim their passions, and never forget their roots.

chris snook

Chris J. Snook

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Launch Haus

Chris J. Snook is a Best-Selling Author (Digital Sense and Wealth Matters) and the Managing Partner of Launch Haus.

At Launch Haus, Chris drives innovation through a coordinated investment, incubation, and economic development platform which includes their Sandcastle Impact Fund, the Sandcastle Foundation platforms at the World Tokenomic Forum, and the Sandcastle Startups Challenge. Launch Haus supports startup communities, culture and founders across the globe with their Sandcastle Incubatorlive events, and StartupDrugz Lifestyle Apparel.

Over his career, Chris has faced big-time highs and overcome real lows. He’s built businesses, sold businesses, served as a mentor, toured as a Public Speaker, and with the help of his wife – Brianne – funded and produced Fort Collins Startup Week.

Dan Tyre

Dan Tyre

Executive Director, HubSpot

Dan Tyre is a five-time entrepreneur whose startup involvement included BusinesslandALI Technologies, CelebraTech, Groove Networks, and Helm Software. Dan joined HubSpot’s original startup team in 2007, where he’s led the recruitment, leadership development and management of several thriving sales teams. Today, Dan serves as HubSpots Executive Director of Sales, continuing to inspire and teach HubSpotters as the creator of the HubSpot Leadership Program and as a writer on the HubSpot Blog.

At HubSpot, Dan developed the inbound marketing concept of “smarketing” – the practice of aligning Sales and Marketing – which is now utilized by thousands of companies around the world, making Dan one of the foremost authorities on Inbound Success.

Besides Inbound Success, Dan coaches, speaks and writes about building a culture of responsibility and achievement, hiring and motivating millennials, building rapport, and his personal favorite – attitude.


Zach Ferres

CEO, Coplex

Zach Ferres is no stranger to success. In the early 2000s, he was recognized as one of the top 33 student entrepreneurs in the world and went on to sell his first tech company in 2011.

You may know Zach from his column in Entrepreneur Magazine or as the CEO of Coplex – the nationally-ranked Venture Builder whose story has been featured by USA TodayThe Washington PostVentureBeatInc.Forbes, NPR and Entrepreneur. Under his leadership, Coplex has launched over 300 tech companies around the world by assembling world-class teams and partnering entrepreneurs with expert startup builders.

Outside of Coplex, Zach is an award-winning speakera past recipient of ASU’s Social Impact Award, and an Honoree of Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40.

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