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Start Hustling to Seize the Day

Nothing in life is given and nothing worth wanting is achieved by taking the easy way. You need to make the most of your time and start hustling to seize the day, each and every day. When you set your sights on an ambitious future, you have to hustle hard and never give up. Hustle is where work ethic meets passion. Hustle is putting it all on the line, giving it your all to achieve the goal at hand. Every minute you can apply to your game, you need to.

While it’s a game of determined action, it’s also about your mindset. You can work had and still have a life, but it requires you to have discipline for the work you do when you should be doing it. So, if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. Don’t let anything stand in your way. You can do anything you put your mind to. I hope this episode gives you the spark you need to hustle hard and win the week!

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Welcome to Ignition Point – the show that’s here to help you take the leap, conquer your week, and achieve your goals. If you’re looking to amplify your mindset with a fresh perspective and spark your momentum – you’re in the right place.

Hey! What’s going on? I’m Steven Miller. Thanks for joining me for another Ignition Point – the show where we cover an influential speech or feature a Guest Keynote that’ll get you fired up and ready to take on another winning week.

Over the last 12 weeks, I’ve put in a lot of hours releasing Ignition Point every Monday. The expression “burning the candle at both ends” would probably apply here if I had a candle left to burn. If planning, recording, producing, and soliciting your feedback wasn’t enough, I’ve done it while working a full-time job and jumpstarting my Brand Strategy business.

There’s been a method to my madness, but a few weeks ago, I had to adapt to taking the show on the road – literally. I knew it would be a big test, but I would’ve rather lost sleep and a bit of my sanity than not release an episode that Monday. I was going to make it happen, come hell or high water. So, what’s the moral of the story?

It’s not about looking for sympathy, praise or a referral to a good support group – the lesson here is that nothing in life is given and nothing worth wanting is achieved by taking the easy way.

Across this 12-week period, I could tell you about a hundred instances where the Average Joe would’ve quit. Personally, I think it’s because society has grown to believe that anyone can be an “overnight success.” When they don’t get a million followers or their posts aren’t going viral, they throw in the towel.

When you hear about someone who’s labeled an “overnight success,” you can bet that it didn’t happen overnight. It probably took them years of hard work. They could have experienced a thousand moments where they were ready to call it quits, but every time they chose to persist.

When you set your sights on an ambitious future and you see where you want your life to go, you have to put in all-out effort, commit to never giving up, and seize each and every day.

That right there, is how I would define hustle.

If you want to change the world, you’re going to have to hustle. If you want to build an empire, you’re going to have to hustle. If you want to go out there and win the week, every-single-frick’n-week, you’re going to have to hustle.

The monologue I’m covering today is a real fire-starter. I hope it gives you the spark you need to hustle hard and win the week. Let’s get after it!


Most people out there think they’re hustling, but I’d bet 99.9% of them are not.

I’ll own the fact that it’s different for everyone, but I just think people are loaded with excuses. The whole notion of, “Where is the time?” is B.S. Everybody has time. All you have to do is just quit binging Netflix.
There are people all around the world saying, “Wow, America is an entrepreneurial paradise,” and yet Americans continue to say the same thing within our borders.

Where will talking about it get you?

Here’s a great example. Loads of people keep tying themselves to the idea that you need to be in San Francisco to be great in tech and you need to be in New York to be great in finance. In case you haven’t heard, Facebook was invented in Boston and Robinhood started in Palo Alto.

I guess my point is that I’m worried that people lack patience, because there are way too many people giving up. I think it’s because, for them, the fear of losing trumps the excitement of victory.

You have to put all your effort into achieving the goal at hand. You have to hustle, and for me, that means making every minute count.

You need to take a break? Fine, you can take your break, but the bottom line is every minute that you can apply to your game, you need to. You know what I hustle about? I hustle about meeting every person on earth, because I care about people more than I care about myself.

I worry that people don’t tap into their strengths. I think that people like to claim that they work hard and smart, but they’re not putting in the work. They’re only committed to working the 9:00 to 5:00. That’s just not enough.

It’s going to lead you to a place where you’re not going to win. Your talent isn’t enough. You’ve got to go put in the work and build up a thick skin.

When you’ve got thick skin, you can deal with all types of rejection and not be offended by criticism. You can be firing on all cylinders or just be starting out. You can want to live a zen-lifestyle or you can want to buy your favorite pro team and hustle your face off. Whatever the ambition is, you need to find your cadence.

The easiest way to do that is to only do what you love. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?” Figure out your answer, do it 15 hours a day, and get people to care. Whatever you need to do, go do it.

Don’t relegate yourself to the losing mentality of thinking that you can’t. If you’re making excuses, consider how you’re spending your time.

Every day, you’re spending time on things that aren’t yielding you the extra brand or extra money you’re chasing. So right now, figure out one of those things that’s keeping you from your goal and eliminate it.

Your talent alone just isn’t enough. You’ve got to go put in the work, because we’re living in a time with a whole generation that’s not willing to put in the hard work.

Do I have angst? Sure, but I’m calling myself out every day for the last six or seven years, telling the world my ambitions.

If you want something big, if you want to wear the bling, if you want to drive a Ferrari, if you want to do game changing shit, stop talking, stop procrastinating, stop being your own downfall and start doing the work!

Hustle is putting it all on the line. That’s how you get it. Period.

Hustle is waking up one day – the day before you die – and realizing you gave it your all, into the parenting of your children, the building of your businesses, the philanthropy you wanted to do. Whatever you define, it’s got to be all in, emotionally, in theory, in strategy, and especially in execution.

To many, Hustle is just a word. And people talk about “the hustle.” But those same people are talking about going to Happy Hour, hitting up that party tonight, or living for the weekend. I’ve got a meeting coming up right now, two meetings after that, and I’m reviewing all my email. The hustle doesn’t stop just because it’s the weekend.

I pity anyone who lives for weekends and vacations. If you’re really in the hustle, you can’t give up the 48 hours of your weekend to not further your goals. If you apply yourself and put the work in on the weekends, you’ll achieve your goals 36% faster than you would otherwise.

I’m empowered by my work in the same way a professional athlete would be. Sunday nights, I’m chomping at the bit – like a fighter about to step into the ring. I even try to go to sleep early on Sunday nights because I can’t wait to put on my jersey Monday Morning.

You spend a massive amount of time each week working, so if you’re miserable at work, you’re miserable for about half your life. Do you feel that way? If the answer is yes, then do something about it. This isn’t your grandpa’s life. We’ve got the internet. You can make it happen. Be entrepreneurial. You can build businesses or side hustles.

I’m going to continue to hustle, will you? You can say it, or you can do it, but I recommend you do both. Stop b.s.’ing and just keep hustling.


I’ve been listening to the speaker we’re covering today for years, and according to them, hustle is where work ethic meets passion and it’s born of a desire to accomplish your ambitions.

The importance of hustle is crystal-clear if you understand how hustle relates to your Big Ambitions. Think of it like a formula:


Just like any formula, there are fixed values and fluid variables. In this formula and your life, you need to treat your Big Ambitions as a constant, fixed value. You have control over your ambitions, so you can’t decrease it if it’s what you really want. On the other hand, your hustle is a fluid variable that can be affected by timing and personal circumstances. While these obstacles exist, you need to make the most of your time and hustle to fulfill your big ambitions.

Those ambitions should light a fire under you to get off the couch and start doing the work. It’s what fuels your hustle, so what can you do to get after it this week?

The first thing you need to do is tap into your strengths and stop over-analyzing your weaknesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re working solo or if you’ve got a big team behind you, if you want to get out there and grind, your strengths will make your work ten times more impactful. Figure out what parts of your work you excel at and do those things better than anyone else.

You’ve got to do this because your ability to hustle is stunted by attempts fix your weaknesses. Whether they’re brought to your attention by the judgment of others or just from the obnoxious, negative voice in your head, working to fix a weakness is just a distraction. You can’t give up time and energy to that type of sabotage.

So, do what you’re great at and prove the value of your strengths. When you find the time to address your weaknesses, don’t make it about fixing yourself. Instead, look to surround yourself with a team of individuals who complement your strengths. This way, you can keep doing what you’re exceptional at and build on your success over time by hustling smarter.

Now that you’re playing to your strengths, you should develop your discipline. Discipline – in this context – is akin to establishing a routine for yourself that dedicates all-out energy to whatever you’re supposed to be doing in a given moment.

Think about what hustle would be like without discipline. That would be like a marathon runner getting 12 miles into their race and deciding to stop at a Starbucks mid-race to grab a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with Skim Milk. Sure, they’ll rack up some Starbucks Rewards Points, but they’re never going to finish the race after that. You can run your race at breakneck speed, but you’ll never reach the finish line without discipline.

This brings up one of the common misconceptions about hustle. The idea that it’s about waking up before the sun rises, eating breakfast, busting your tail all-day long, being the last person to go home for the day, eating dinner, sleeping, and repeating. That’s not a realistic take on hustle. You can work hard and still have a life, but it requires you to have discipline for the work you do when you should be doing it.

My final advice for you this week is to learn to enjoy the process. While hustle is a game of determined action, it’s also about your mindset. If you want to be at the top of your game, you need to love what you do. Loving what you do makes hustle possible.

This is the point in the show where you need to stop what you’re doing and really listen. I did NOT just tell you to give up your responsibilities or quit school because you’re not feeling it.

Everybody has responsibilities they don’t like, but the good parts of what you do should outweigh the bad parts. No amount of hustle will ever offset misery. Hating your job every day of the week and making $90,000 will never beat making $60,000 and loving what you do. Find love for what you do and be relentless.

Before every stop on Kevin Hart’s Standup Tour, he circles up his team and they repeat this mantra: “Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put the work in. You gotta work hard to play hard.” It’s a constant reminder that talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words, so you need to talk the talk and walk the walk. To reach your big ambitions, you’ve got to work hard for the life you want.

In the film Dead Poets Society, Professor Keating teaches his students, “Carpe Diem. Seize the day – and make your lives extraordinary.

Don’t let anything stand in your way this week. Tap into your strengths, develop discipline for your grind, and learn to love your hustle. You can do anything you put your mind to. So, go hustle hard and seize the day.

Ignition Point is all about making a positive impact, so please share the show with someone you think it would help. Your feedback helps Ignition Point to keep moving forward, so send me an email to or write a review for the show on Apple Podcasts to let me know what you think.

We hold out until the end of each show to share who inspired each week’s Ignition Point for two reasons. To keep you curious and remind you to focus on the motivation. This week’s Ignition Point was adapted from Gary Vaynerchuk’s speech, “The Most Important Word Ever.

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. So, stay motivated and keep moving forward. If you put in the hard work right now – one day – you could be the one motivating the world with your story.

I’ll be looking forward to speaking with you next time on another Ignition Point. Now get on out there and win the week!