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our process.

creative method in practice.

The process we apply to all our services is informed by Design Thinking – an intentional, human-centered design method for practical, creative problem solving. So you receive only our best efforts, we apply these creative principles to every project.

step 1.

Discovery Meeting

From Day 1, we keep you engaged and excited about the work we collaborate on. During our Discovery Meeting, we respectfully challenge your assumptions to determine the Purpose, Scope and Objective of your Decisive Leap. Within 24 hours, we prepare a detailed Services Agreement outlining the benefits you will receive as a direct result of your investment when you take the Leap.

step 2.


In Design Thinking, this is the crossroads of the 'Empathy' and 'Define' Stages where we collect information vital to crafting your solution. We conduct specific research, identify risks, establish success metrics for the project, and determine the keys to maximizing impact.

step 3.


Next, we synthesize the results of our investigation with the Purpose, Scope and Objective we agreed to during the Discovery Meeting. During the next two Design Thinking phases – 'Ideate' and 'Prototype' – our team clarifies the vision and detailed plan of action. We carefully craft your solution until we have a prototype worthy of your final stamp of approval.

step 4.


Our Creators Methodology is capstoned by taking the Decisive Leap. Following a dedicated ‘Test’ Phase – wherein we gather feedback from you or your team – we review, revise and fine-tune prior to launch. We never rush through these quality assurance and validation steps because we want you to be stoked about the outcome!

our guarantee.

you are our top priority.

Our Experience Design, Product Growth Strategy, and Brand Realization Services continue to deliver sustainable impact for our clients because we see our relationship as a trusted partnership. If your experience with Decisive Leap does not live up to the hype or falls below your expectation, we will always make it right. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Period.